Tools and Apps that Make My Life Easier

Knoxville Party Magic is a small business of two – my husband and myself.  He’s the “behind the scenes” guy – handles all of my tech stuff, web design, photo shoots and he’s my business advisor.

I do everything else – marketing, booking, networking, magic, balloons, face painting… you name it, one of us handles it!

Tknoxville party magic recommends Shakehis being said, we’re always looking for tools and apps that make managing this business easier. One app that I really like is called “Shake”. It allows me to write up a very simple agreement that can be completed in person or sent to my client for a quick signature.

Knoxville Party Magic uses Square for kids birthday party paymentsAnother app that I’ve been using for a long time is more well known:  SquareUp  This awesome service allows me to accept payment via credit card either in person or over the phone.  Cost to use SquareUp is affordable considering you’re making things easier for your customer.  Rates range from 2.75% to 3.5%.

 I can also send my customers invoices from SquareUp which they can pay directly.  Hassle-free!  Sure, no one likes to pay credit card fees but this might make the difference between being hired and not.

Although a children’s entertainer, I’m in the business of making my client’s life easier.  Offering them the option to pay via credit card is just one more thing that makes Knoxville Party Magic stand out!