People-Eating Balloon

People-Eating Balloon – Amaze Your Guests!

Try the People Eating Balloon experience! Offered exclusively through Knoxville Party Magic. Conquer the giant balloon by climbing inside! A child (or adult), is safely & easily guided inside a huge, 6-foot + diameter clear balloon! Balloon is large enough for 2 adults & 4 or 5 kids!  Parent(s) can step inside also!

A safe, unique experience offered only by Knoxville Party Magic! See the astonished child (or family)  inside this gigantic, clear balloon. Guests awestruck by this amazing feat! Totally safe, a simple pin prick will release everyone inside.  Amazing photo opportunities! Let me repeat… AMAZING photo opportunities!

Not brave enough to give this a try? No worries! We can show you how it’s done! Your guests will roll over laughing while we conquer the latex beast!

Preparing for this Amazing and Spectacular Moment

Host The People Eating Balloon Experience inside or out.  If hosting inside make sure the ceiling is high enough. We don’t have to worry about destroying your valuables. We’ll bring a thick blanket to cover the floor, an electric leaf blower and an extra balloon in case we accidentally POP the balloon before anyone squeezes in!  All you have to do is provide a couple of adult volunteers. Make sure everyone removes their shoes and any other sharp or pointy accessories.

The people-eating balloon feat is not just for kids parties. Having a grand opening and want to draw a crowd? Trade show crowd gatherer? Well then, look no further!

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