Party Art – We put the ART in pARTy with our mobile painting parties!

Party Art

Something new and exciting for kids of all ages!

Planning your little one’s party? Bored with bouncy houses, worn-out clowns, and entertainers wishing they were elsewhere? PARTART mobile painting parties are exactly what you’re looking for to make your child feel special and his/her friends feel privileged! We quickly transform your location into a professional art studio! Perfect for kids of all ages! Adults too can participate! Best of all, no experience or artistic talent needed! Our artists are qualified to instruct wannabe artists of all ages!

PARTART mobile painting party is absolutely the best birthday party solution! To top it off, each child leaves with a very impressive piece of memorabilia. Good-bye boring loot bag! Adios goody bag filled with items quickly forgotten! Each guest takes home a 11 x 14 painting that’s ready to be hung and admired by all!

Ideal for all kinds of events. PARTART mobile painting parties are suitable for pool parties, after school activities, team building, etc. Wherever a crowd of kids gather, consider inviting our artist and she’ll turn your small group into the next generation of amazing artists!

Only the highest quality of paints is used all of the while remaining affordable. Our choice of  acrylic paint is designed to provide the little artists complete freedom of creativity.  We believe that there’s an artist hiding in every child and our goal is to bring that artist out into the open! Our greatest pleasure is to see the look on children’s faces when they turn a blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece!

PARTART Mobile Painting PARTy Highlights:

  • Great for every age – young children, teens, and tweens alike.
  • The only kind of party that will create memories that will last your child’s lifetime!
  • Bring out the inner artists in the comfort of your own home!
  • Perfect for kids of all ages, of all levels of artistry.
  • Discovering little Picassos, one child at a time!

Ready to book?

Organizing PARTART mobile painting parties is easy… First, enjoy our gallery (coming soon!), which offers many choices.  Choosing just one for your group is probably going to be the hardest thing to do! We encourage you to have the birthday child choose the painting that the guests will replicate. Once you have found the ideal painting, give us a call and let’s schedule your child’s unique party!

Our amazing artist will arrive with everything that’s needed – including disposable aprons for everyone and plastic tablecloths to cover your furniture and your floors. Easels, brushes and bright acrylic paint – enough for everyone!

Once everyone is set up, our artist guides the group step by step, stroke by stroke, leading to a unique masterpiece!  Working together and seeing how their friends progress will help build each child’s self-esteem. And the kids will have so much fun comparing each other’s work of art! Finally, each guest brings home their creation! How surprised will the parents be! You as a host will be the most popular person in the neighborhood!

And now important details!

PARTART mobile painting party artist will come to your home, favorite restaurant (with the approval of management), or wherever you’re hosting your child’s party. Plastic tablecloths will be provided to cover the surfaces the artists work on.  Consider about 90 minutes from start to finish and rest assured, we’ll leave everything as clean as it was when we arrived. Please arrange for each child to have a place to sit with room to set a small table easel before them.

You may serve beverages but we don’t recommend serving food until the masterpieces are completed!


Cost is $300 for a group of 10, $15 each additional child up to 10 more.  Call for custom pricing for groups exceeding 21 guests. Tips ALWAYS appreciated, never expected!

Should you decide to have an “intermission” for food or cake, please be considerate of our artist’s time. Consult with her as she may be booked for another party following yours and needs to leave promptly to arrive in time to the next PARTART mobile painting party!

Almost ready to book but have more questions? Just call or email and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions about out mobile painting parties!

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