Kids Love a Birthday Party Puppet

Conrad is Knoxville’s most loved birthday party puppet.

Ms Tickle loves Conrad the Cuckoo bird, her favorite birthday party puppet.  

Conrad the Knoxville party puppet
Conrad before his makeover

Conrad the Cuckoo bird has just had a makeover. He’s absolutely stunning and ready to entertain at your kids birthday party. You just can’t beat a Cuckoo bird for fun and kids entertainment.

Actually, Conrad wasn’t “born” a Cuckoo bird, he’s technically a Buzzard. He’s one of Axtell’s earliest buzzard bird puppets – although exact color/design is no longer produced, the current Buzz-Off Buzzard is very similar.

When working with a birthday party puppet, it’s important to give it a certain character.  Originally sold and labeled as a Buzzard, Ms Tickle couldn’t picture this cute little guy eating roadkill.  Sure, there are instances where you can create a funny scenario with that but Ms Tickle thought they would make a better team if he was just a crazy little bird. Hence Conrad the Cuckoo bird!

Conrad the Knoxville party puppet
Conrad’s new look after his makeover

Conrad’s been around for a while (image on right).  Life isn’t easy being stored and forgotten in a cardboard box or tucked away in a suitcase.  Many of his feathers were missing and someone from his previous life had tried filling in some bare spots.  He looked okay but upon closer examination, you could tell he was in need of a make-over.

The people at Axtell took him in and he was returned to Knoxville Party Magic a few weeks later looking like a brand new bird (image on left)!  His original tail made from turkey ruff has been replaced with a beautiful and soft ostrich boa. His little feet are now solidly attached and Ms Tickle doesn’t have to worry about loosing them somewhere!  She’s very much looking forward to the next time she takes him out. Even if no one but her notices the change.

And remember… Ms Tickle knows he’s a birthday party puppet and so do you, but he doesn’t!  So let’s not tell him, okay?