Poor Party Planning Could Ruin Everyone’s Day

We recently performed our magic show at a birthday party where the host/parent was not well prepared and things didn’t go as they should. Had she followed the advice in our Party Guide, things may have gone a little smoother!

Examples of poor planning of a kids magic show

  • Not knowing how many people are going to show up (casual invitations, no RSVP’s required)
  • Not planning times for greeting guests
  • Meal/food/drink/cake time unplanned
  • Family dog making off with magic props
  • No designated seating area for kids
  • Scheduling the entertainer too early or too late
  • Too many activities (pool, bounce house, game truck, etc.)
  • Payment for entertainer not prepared 🙁
  • Entertainer almost collapsing from heat stroke!

Kids Magic Show

Tips for planning a successful party

Here’s some advice that will make your party a success:

  • Do send out invitations and stress the importance of replying by a specific date. Knowing how many people to expect will help immensely with food, drinks and cake size. The day before the party, call the people who have not responded and politely ask if they received your invitation – this will prompt an immediate reply from them.
  • Establish a time frame for the entire party and make your guests aware of it. Usually, 2 hours is plenty of time for catching up, kids play, entertainment, food, drinks and possibly opening the gifts.
  • Schedule your entertainer at least 30 minutes into party time. This ensures that everyone has arrived.
  • Our entertainers will arrive approximately 15 minutes early for setup and to meet the immediate family. The show must start on time and will finish on time regardless if everyone has arrived or not.  We may have another engagement following yours and can’t be delayed. Furthermore, we cannot “start over” when late guests arrive.
  • We doesn’t need a lot of space for our shows but children must sit on the floor. Adults should stick around and seat themselves behind the children. Refrain from serving food or drink during the show.
  • If the party is in a private home, we will not use a PA system.  Please keep adult chatter to a whisper. We cannot speak over the conversations.
  • Keep the family dog in another room. We don’t need an assistant at our shows.
  • Have your payment ready for the entertainer when she/he arrives.  It is very unpleasant for us to track you down among your guests when we’re ready to leave and could possibly make us late for our next engagement.
  • Do limit the number of activities offered. If the children have access to too many things, it will be very hard to keep their attention on the magic show and their attitude could spoil the magical effect on the other kids.
  • Finally, be kind and provide your entertainer with a glass of iced water!

Thrill your guests by throwing the perfect party when following these simple guidelines!