Climb Inside Balloon – Amaze Your Guests!

climb inside balloonTry the Balloon Belly Experience! Offered exclusively through Knoxville Party Magic. Conquer the giant Climb Inside Balloon! A child (or adult), is safely & easily guided inside a huge, 6-foot + diameter clear balloon! Balloon is large enough for 2 adults & 4 or 5 kids!  Parent(s) are invited to step inside also! A safe, unique experience offered only by Knoxville Party Magic! Guests will be able to see the astonished child (or family)  inside the “belly” of this gigantic, clear balloon and the child will see guests awestruck by this amazing feat! Totally safe (a simple pin prick will release everyone inside), unless allergic to latex.  Amazing photo opportunities!

Add-on to any party package: $100

Balloon belly experience as stand alone: $150*



The Giant Climb In Balloon Belly Experience can be hosted inside or out.  If hosting inside make sure the ceiling is high enough and there’s enough clearance so we don’t have to worry about destroying fine china or your priceless Ming Vase. We’ll bring everything we need – a thick blanket to cover the floor, an electric leaf blower (you provide the power!), and an extra balloon in case we accidentally POP the balloon before anyone climbs in!  All you have to do is provide a couple of adult volunteers and make sure everyone removes their shoes and any other sharp or pointy accessories.

climb inside balloon




Ms. Tickle recently performed this death defying (of course not but that sure got your attention!),  at Knoxville’s Largest Kid’s Party in front of a millions of stunned attendees of all ages!  Okay, maybe not millions but LOTS!  Actually, her amazing assistant Elisha is the one that took the risk!… along with a few brave little volunteers! See for yourself in the fun video!




Make your event even more spectacular! Consider amazing balloon decor to spruce up your venue!

*Additional travel charges $25 up to 15 minutes from UT Medical Center.

Each additional 10 minutes $15.00