Excellent Customer Service Is Magical

Excellent customer service is magical. Is it a thing of the past?

So many companies don’t seem to understand that taking care of customers is good business!

I read a great article this morning on Manta concerning how customers are treated in this day of automated services offered usually by large companies.  I invite you to check it out.
It’s not easy obtaining a level of customer service that we are truly entitled to.  Sure, you can say, “You get what you pay for”, but that doesn’t mean that as a customer you should be treated poorly.

Being a natural “people pleaser”, I always strive to make sure my customers gets above and beyond what they pay for.  It might be arriving at their event with a balloon sculpture designed to match the theme of the party or offering a balloon bouquet to thank the person for hiring me.

Sometimes it could be staying longer than the hired time and not charging.  I’ve also learned not to expect the customer to make any kind of recognition for the “above and beyond”. Why? Because most customers expect to be treated that way. And sadly, sometimes it’s just that people are just plain rude.  Thankfully that doesn’t happen often but it does.

chop houseI was recently the victim of a merchant services “glitch”.  Quite the glitch too.  Instead of being charged $55.76 my card was billed for $55,760.00! This was for a meal at our local Chop House on Chapman Highway in Knoxville.  Thankfully the managers jumped through hoops to get this rectified.

It took a week, only because of how complicated this situation was.  The error was between merchant services and the banking system used. What did they do to make sure I remained a happy customer?  They credited the cost of that meal AND sent me a $50 a month voucher for the next 12 months! You can bet I will let everyone know that the Chop House believes that excellent customer service is magical!

I hope to never make an error of this magnitude with one of my customers but this is certainly a lesson learned in how to keep customers happy and returning to your establishment!