People-Eating Balloon

People-Eating Balloon – Amaze Your Guests!

Try the People Eating Balloon experience! Offered exclusively through Knoxville Party Magic. Conquer the giant balloon by climbing inside! A child (or adult), is safely & easily guided inside a huge, 6-foot + diameter clear balloon! Balloon is large enough for 2 adults & 4 or 5 kids!  Parent(s) can step inside also!

A safe, unique experience offered only by Knoxville Party Magic! See the astonished child (or family)  inside this gigantic, clear balloon. Guests awestruck by this amazing feat! Totally safe, a simple pin prick will release everyone inside.  Amazing photo opportunities! Let me repeat… AMAZING photo opportunities!

Not brave enough to give this a try? No worries! We can show you how it’s done! Your guests will roll over laughing while we conquer the latex beast!

Preparing for this Amazing and Spectacular Moment

Host The People Eating Balloon Experience inside or out.  If hosting inside make sure the ceiling is high enough. We don’t have to worry about destroying your valuables. We’ll bring a thick blanket to cover the floor, an electric leaf blower and an extra balloon in case we accidentally POP the balloon before anyone squeezes in!  All you have to do is provide a couple of adult volunteers. Make sure everyone removes their shoes and any other sharp or pointy accessories.

The people-eating balloon feat is not just for kids parties. Having a grand opening and want to draw a crowd? Trade show crowd gatherer? Well then, look no further!

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A Fun Mini Magic Show Little Kids Love!

Fun Mini Magic Show Little Kids Love – guaranteed to be the best party ever!

Little kids love a fun magic show! Very often the parents who attend a child’s birthday party don’t know any of the other parents. Ms. Tickle draws EVERYONE into her show and makes the party much more comfortable for the adults. One of her clients told her that she’s like “party glue,” She brings everyone together! Her mission is to make those little ones laugh and have a jolly good time! Isn’t that your goal too? Let us help you make this party the talk of the town!

Fun mini magic show little kids love

Target audience are little one’s ages 3 1/2 to 5 yrs. Here’s what you can expect from the colorful and silly Ms. Tickle…

  • Fun & friendly interaction
  • High energy group participation
  • Balloon fun with an unsuspecting volunteer
  • Puppet interaction with Squeek
  • Disappearing items
  • Sponge ball tricks
  • Magic coloring book
  • Mini Magicians
  • Appropriate music
  • And much more!

A mini magic show lasts from 15 – 20 minutes, depending on how many children are present.  If the birthday child is comfortable being the center of attention, he/she will be invited to assist Ms. Tickle. The mini-magic show is usually combined with at least an hour of face painting or balloon twisting. We provide our own music and we get everyone to warm up with some crazy dance moves!

Inside preferred but available for outside performances also

Needing only a small space for Ms.Tickle’s set-up, allows her to perform inside or outside weather permitting. Allow enough space for all the children to sit comfortably in front of her, preferably on the floor. Providing chairs will hinder the flow of the little kid’s mini magic show.. Ms. Tickle can also perform outside, however, bouncy houses and other activities will be a major distraction and could affect the outcome of the show.

We also offer complete stage show magic performances!

How about making a real statement with amazing balloon decor? Look no further – Volunteer Balloons can take your party to the next level with themed balloon decorations!

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Balloon Twister for Parties for Kids of all ages!

Kids and adults love watching a professional balloon twister bring balloons to life!

All of our professional balloon twisters are able to magically create “life” from thin air! Watch as every twist & bend the artist makes develops into your request!

professional balloon twister

A professional balloon twister will keep your guests attentive, entertained and happy! Hiring us for your your party is sure to occupy the kids and the adults will enjoy it almost as much!  

Professional balloon twisters are also an asset to any event where you’re trying to draw a crowd. Grand openings and trade shows benefit from having us do our “magic” and attract potential clients.

Restaurants that offer discounted rates for family nights can offer unique table entertainment by having a twister bring smiles while waiting for their meals.

Finally, as an added twist to any party, we can provide balloon decor to match your party’s theme.

professional balloon twister


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Easter Bunny visit available for any occasion!

Knoxville Party Magic offers the Easter bunny visit! Who doesn’t love having the Easter Bunny help the little ones find the hidden treasures?  Seek no longer – we have enlisted the real Easter Bunny to help with this important task!

Beeny the Bunny

We offer a variety of different options for the Easter Bunny visit at your special event! Although our bunny is a magical, she can’t be everywhere at the same time. Make your appointment today and you’ll be sure to be on her calendar!  Bunny is available year round but is usually requested around Easter time!

Choose the amount of time needed for your event for home, classroom or church events. She will pose for pictures, hand out treats (provided by client) or help the little ones find the hidden treasures. Book enough time if you want her to participate in egg hunts!

Bunny Gram! $85 (15 minutes)

Just a quick hop in and hop out, the Easter Bunny will deliver a small balloon bouquet and pose for pictures. This is the perfect service for a quick office or home visit for friends or family. Ask about our custom balloons offered by Volunteer Balloons!



Easter Bunny Party Time !

For the safety and well being of all costumed characters, they are always accompanied by an experienced handler (included in cost)

30 minutes $150

60 minutes $200

90 minutes $250

120 minutes $300


By special request, for an additional fee of $50,

the Easter Bunny can bring along Beeny the Bunny (that’s her real name, her show name is Rosie!)

for the children to hold and pet – so long as they are kind and gentle!

Available for inside events only!

Beeny is a full pedigreed, double mane Lionhead bunny! She’s very gentle and extremely soft!



Rosie the Bunny



Special appearances on Easter Sunday will incur a surcharge of $50 for all reservations received after March 23rd, 2018

For the safety and well being of all costumed characters, they are always accompanied by an experienced handler (included in cost).

Extended appearances of 60 minutes or more, the Easter bunny will need a break in a private location to cool down and hydrate.

Additional travel fee for locations more than 15 minutes from UT Medical Center.


Call today to see how we can create a lifetime memory for your child!

Check out our themed professional balloon decor for all occasions!

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Successful Party Planning

SUCCESSFUL PARTY PLANNINGsuccessful party planning

What age does your mini magic show target?

Ms. Tickle’s parties are for children age 3 and up. The mini magic portion is designed specifically for little ones under 5. Older children are invited to sit further back to allow the little ones the full benefit of the entertainment!

Describe the Ms. Tickle Mini Magic Show

Younger children under the age of 4 need a show that captures their attention and keeps it too. Ms. Tickle is a goofy character & the kiddos love that she depends on them to keep her on track! Her show is interactive and all the kids participate one way or another. They’ll enjoy playing tricks on her and helping her find her lost “friends”. A friendly fuzzy puppet sometimes shows up to help too!  And maybe, the birthday child will become a mini magician and perform a trick on their own! Ideal for kiddos 5 years & younger!

Do I need to provide anything for the mini magic show?

Simply provide the smiling kiddos and a clean, uncluttered floor space (the kids must sit on the floor for the mini magic show).  If you’ve also booked face painting and or balloon twisting we will start with that and conclude with the mini magic show.  Ms. Tickle will invite the little kids to sit on the floor in the front of her while those 6 years and older will be invited to sit toward the back.  Oh, being offered iced water is always appreciated!

Where should Ms. Tickle perform?

An open space with minimal distractions. Toys, TV’s turned on, loud music, noisy grownups (especially noisy grownups), and food distract children from the magic and make it really hard to enjoy a live show. We prefer to work indoors but will be happy to work outdoors also as long as there are no activities going on to distract the kiddos! Oh and please lock up your dogs… we hate losing props to playful pups!

Are your face paints safe?

Absolutely! We use only FDA approved cosmetic grade paint and glitter which is a combination of paraffin wax, pigment and a preservative to prevent bacteria from growing. Our insurance does not allow us to face paint children under the age of 3. We appreciate that you or your guests do not insist that we do so. For pool parties or very muggy days, we’ll be happy to use waterproof products. NOTE: Waterproof products will not come off with water! Gently rub with mild hand soap or baby oil and remove residue with baby wipes.

Can you make balloons or face paintings to fit my theme?

Absolutely! Let us know your theme beforehand and we’ll offer balloons that fit your party’s needs. Whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Frozen, Hello Kitty, or Minecraft we offer hundreds of different designs and characters.

Balloon Safety

All the balloons that we use are designed for entertainers and are 100% latex – please be sure that none of your guests have latex allergies, including adults. Our insurance does not allow us to offer balloons to children under the age of 3 due to choking hazards. We appreciate that you or your guests do not insist that we do so. If the party is outside, please provide a shady area for the balloon twister.  Although we are happy to twist balloons outside, be mindful that grass, sand, stones, etc., are hazardous to the life of inflated balloons!

What time will you arrive at my party?

Schedule us to arrive 30 minutes after your party starts.  We may have a party booked straight after yours and cannot be delayed waiting for late arrivals.  For the Ms. Tickle Mini Party and or Perfect Party, plan to serve the cake while the face paints or balloon gear are put away. The Mini Magic Show will immediately follow. We ask that you be respectful of our schedule; most likely we have another party to attend immediately following yours.

What if more kids show up than originally planned?

I need to know as soon as you know so that we can adjust our schedule for the extra time needed (about 10 minutes per child). The additional $10 fee per extra child is to cover additional time & materials not accounted for in the original booking. If there are more children than originally planned we will have to offer simpler face painting and/or simpler balloon animals and/or a shorter magic show.


Ready to book? Here’s how!

Call, email or text to verify that your time and date are available and select the party packages & prices. We will follow up with an invoice to collect the $50 deposit/retainer that will confirm the services you requested. Upon receipt of your deposit/retainer, your party will be confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email which will serve as a binding agreement between both of us.

How do I pay the balance?

You will receive an electronic invoice reminding you of the balance owed. Should you choose the convenience of electronic payment for the balance, a 5% service charge will apply on the balance. The balance is due at the start of the party by check or cash.  Things will get a little hectic and we’d like to avoid the embarrassment of having to track you down and possibly arriving late to our next party.

Can you refund my deposit/retainer?

Deposits/retainers towards our party packages are non-refundable. Please understand that we have saved that date & time for you and a cancellation is always a loss of income for our artists.

Cancellation policy for inclement weather on the day of the event?

It is our hope that if you are planning your event outdoors, you would have a plan B to bring everything inside should the weather take a turn for the worse.  We have saved that date & time for you and a last minute cancellation is definitely a loss of income for us. Full payment is due if we are unable to perform due to the fact that there are no inside accommodations. In the case of severe weather conditions, we will gladly reschedule (subject to our availability), as long as you provide us with a 24-hour notice. On the other hand, should you decide to have your party regardless of the weather and we determine that driving poses a threat to our personal safety, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your deposit or reschedule your party; whatever is best for you.

Parking Arrangements

We appreciate parking close to the entrance of the event. We carry a lot of gear and the extra time needed to carry items in and out affects the time allotted for your event. Better yet, arrange for one of the guests to help unload & load!


Knoxville Party Magic entertainers covered under a $2M liability insurance.


Never expected, always appreciated!

Finally, we highly encourage you to read this very helpful post – very little can go wrong when well prepared!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We have confidence the services offered by each and every one of our professional artists. Should
your expectations not be met, kindly discuss the situation with the artist before she/he leaves.  If you feel that we have not met your expectations, we will gladly refund your money!

Successful party planning


Finally, consider adding spectacular balloon decor available from our sister company, Volunteer Balloons! The final touch to a truly successful party!