Caricature Artists – Newest Team Members!

I’m so happy to announce the addition of 2 new team members – Dennis & Amanda! Both are amazing caricature artists that have come all the way from Florida to establish themselves in our great town!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dennis – this guy (and gal) are definitely pros! See for yourself below. These are just a tiny sample of what they are are capable of.

Different Mediums Available

Whatever you prefer, charcoal, color, head only, multiple people, full body, etc., these caricature artists  will execute your portrait in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, they are friendly and personable and add enjoyment to any event – with the added bonus of providing  fun memories as keepsakes!

Ideal Entertainment for all sorts of events!

Consider hiring one or both caricature artists for all kinds of events!  Weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, company picnics. They need just a small amount of space and lots of good light. If your event is outdoors and goes on into the evening, they’ll need adequate lighting. As for chairs, they bring their own for themselves and the guest sitting in front of them.

Throwing a birthday party for a child that just a little too old for face painting or balloon animals? Hiring one or both or our artists will make the neighborhood kids not want to miss your party!


$225 for two hours, $110 subsequent hour per artist.  Depending on what you require from them, they can process about 15 guests an hour.  If you want faster results, just let them know & they’ll simplify their drawings using just charcoal instead of full color; If your event is 3 hours or more, we’ll be happy to work out pricing more suitable to your needs.

Finally, I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it is to have your portrait done this way! The results might be freakingly strange but you will definitely be recognizable! Be prepared to be entertained while your portrait is being brought to life!

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