Full Service Kids Party in Knoxville

Throw a hassle-free kids party in Knoxville

Our complete kids party package provides the facility, the entertainment and the goodie bags for all your guests.

Want to throw a great kids party in Knoxville but not in your home and you don’t want to spend big bucks at the “celebration center?” Knoxville Party Magic to the rescue!  We have a total party package solution for you!

kids party Knoxville
So much to do! So little time! Guests will be here any minute now!

Hosting a kids party at home is quite a bit of work! Planning & preparation will take up so much of your valuable time.  Where will you host it? In your home or at one of the popular party venues? Who and how many kids/parents will you invite?  Is there enough room in the house to have all these people over?  Do I want all these people in my house?  Many guests will be total strangers, the parents of your kid’s classmates. Do you want all of these strange people in your house? Prepare for some awkward moments – not everyone is a social butterfly!

Then of course you want your house clean for your guests. You know someone will be looking for those pesky little dust bunnies so you better make sure all is spotless before the first guest rings your bell!  Speaking of clean, drinks, chips, party plates, decorations, birthday cake, crumbs on your clean floor, drink spilled on your carpet, a little kid with a runny nose wiping his face on your curtains… do I need to say more?

How do you throw an amazing Kids Party in Knoxville?

How do we amuse this group? Crafts? Games? Music? A movie?  Just two hours hosting a kid’s party can see like much more than that! All things considered, what do we do at a kid’s party?

Knoxville Party Magic will entertain with the newest program to hit the party circuit.  Welcome to the Total Tickle Party – the easiest and the best way to throw a party outside of your home!

Be prepared for 2 hours of total entertainment with dancing, group games, magic and balloons. Everyone will participate – older kids and adults!

Total Tickle Party includes:

  • A large, sunny, private party room
  • Tables and chairs
  • Access to restrooms
  • Plenty of parking space
  • Several convenient locations to choose from
  • Variety of age appropriate games for the entire group of kids
  • “Disco” dancing group activity
  • 35 minutes magic show with Ms Tickle including audience participation and birthday child “Mini Magician” act
  • Mini balloon workshop
  • Thank You cards mailed to each of your guests
  • Goody bag for each child

    Kids party Knoxville
    Mom can relax and take it easy!

All you need to provide is food, drinks and paper plates & necessities.  We ask that you keep it very simple – pizza, juice and birthday cake.  After all, this program is designed to keep it simple and hassle-free! The kids are not here to sample expensive exquisite dining… there here to celebrate the birthday child and to have FUN!

Prices starting at $400.00 for 15 kids… even includes entertainment – you can’t beat that!

Please call me as soon as possible to determine if room is available the day you need it and from there we can work together and plan that memorable birthday party!


Kids Love a Birthday Party Puppet

Conrad is Knoxville’s most loved birthday party puppet.

Ms Tickle loves Conrad the Cuckoo bird, her favorite birthday party puppet.  

Conrad the Knoxville party puppet
Conrad before his makeover

Conrad the Cuckoo bird has just had a makeover. He’s absolutely stunning and ready to entertain at your kids birthday party. You just can’t beat a Cuckoo bird for fun and kids entertainment.

Actually, Conrad wasn’t “born” a Cuckoo bird, he’s technically a Buzzard. He’s one of Axtell’s earliest buzzard bird puppets – although exact color/design is no longer produced, the current Buzz-Off Buzzard is very similar.

When working with a birthday party puppet, it’s important to give it a certain character.  Originally sold and labeled as a Buzzard, Ms Tickle couldn’t picture this cute little guy eating roadkill.  Sure, there are instances where you can create a funny scenario with that but Ms Tickle thought they would make a better team if he was just a crazy little bird. Hence Conrad the Cuckoo bird!

Conrad the Knoxville party puppet
Conrad’s new look after his makeover

Conrad’s been around for a while (image on right).  Life isn’t easy being stored and forgotten in a cardboard box or tucked away in a suitcase.  Many of his feathers were missing and someone from his previous life had tried filling in some bare spots.  He looked okay but upon closer examination, you could tell he was in need of a make-over.

The people at Axtell took him in and he was returned to Knoxville Party Magic a few weeks later looking like a brand new bird (image on left)!  His original tail made from turkey ruff has been replaced with a beautiful and soft ostrich boa. His little feet are now solidly attached and Ms Tickle doesn’t have to worry about loosing them somewhere!  She’s very much looking forward to the next time she takes him out. Even if no one but her notices the change.

And remember… Ms Tickle knows he’s a birthday party puppet and so do you, but he doesn’t!  So let’s not tell him, okay?


Excellent Customer Service Is Magical

Excellent customer service is magical. Is it a thing of the past?

So many companies don’t seem to understand that taking care of customers is good business!

I read a great article this morning on Manta concerning how customers are treated in this day of automated services offered usually by large companies.  I invite you to check it out.
It’s not easy obtaining a level of customer service that we are truly entitled to.  Sure, you can say, “You get what you pay for”, but that doesn’t mean that as a customer you should be treated poorly.

Being a natural “people pleaser”, I always strive to make sure my customers gets above and beyond what they pay for.  It might be arriving at their event with a balloon sculpture designed to match the theme of the party or offering a balloon bouquet to thank the person for hiring me.

Sometimes it could be staying longer than the hired time and not charging.  I’ve also learned not to expect the customer to make any kind of recognition for the “above and beyond”. Why? Because most customers expect to be treated that way. And sadly, sometimes it’s just that people are just plain rude.  Thankfully that doesn’t happen often but it does.

chop houseI was recently the victim of a merchant services “glitch”.  Quite the glitch too.  Instead of being charged $55.76 my card was billed for $55,760.00! This was for a meal at our local Chop House on Chapman Highway in Knoxville.  Thankfully the managers jumped through hoops to get this rectified.

It took a week, only because of how complicated this situation was.  The error was between merchant services and the banking system used. What did they do to make sure I remained a happy customer?  They credited the cost of that meal AND sent me a $50 a month voucher for the next 12 months! You can bet I will let everyone know that the Chop House believes that excellent customer service is magical!

I hope to never make an error of this magnitude with one of my customers but this is certainly a lesson learned in how to keep customers happy and returning to your establishment!

Tools and Apps that Make My Life Easier

Knoxville Party Magic is a small business of two – my husband and myself.  He’s the “behind the scenes” guy – handles all of my tech stuff, web design, photo shoots and he’s my business advisor.

I do everything else – marketing, booking, networking, magic, balloons, face painting… you name it, one of us handles it!

Tknoxville party magic recommends Shakehis being said, we’re always looking for tools and apps that make managing this business easier. One app that I really like is called “Shake”. It allows me to write up a very simple agreement that can be completed in person or sent to my client for a quick signature.

Knoxville Party Magic uses Square for kids birthday party paymentsAnother app that I’ve been using for a long time is more well known:  SquareUp  This awesome service allows me to accept payment via credit card either in person or over the phone.  Cost to use SquareUp is affordable considering you’re making things easier for your customer.  Rates range from 2.75% to 3.5%.

 I can also send my customers invoices from SquareUp which they can pay directly.  Hassle-free!  Sure, no one likes to pay credit card fees but this might make the difference between being hired and not.

Although a children’s entertainer, I’m in the business of making my client’s life easier.  Offering them the option to pay via credit card is just one more thing that makes Knoxville Party Magic stand out!

Kids Magic Mint Sugar Scrub!

Ms. Tickle shows how to make a kids magic skin scrub using sugar.

In this video, Ms. Tickle shows you how to make a kids magic sugar scrub that softens your skin as it cleans.

Ms. Tickle's  kid's magic skin scrub made from sugar.In addition to performing kids magic and entertaining with balloons, Knoxville’s Ms. Tickle enjoys sharing tricks and tips that kids can do themselves. Her magic sugar scrub makes a great gift for Mom any time of the year and it’s fun to make.

In this video you will learn how to make the make skin scrub she makes herself in her secret Knoxville laboratory.