Magical Balloon Fairies (Balloon release)

Balloon Release or Magical Balloon Fairies!


Hosting a balloon release is an affordable, unique, one of a kind event that will leave your guests thinking, “What a neat idea!”  Consider releasing colorful balloons or as one little girl calls it, “Balloon Fairies!”

Each of your guests can release a beautiful, biodegradable helium-filled balloon. Once it reaches its maximum altitude (about 4 to 5 miles), it will explode and be naturally absorbed by the environment.

Our biodegradable latex balloons will break into tiny slivers and decompose in about the same time as an oak leaf. 

There are literally “no strings attached” with our balloon releases. This way we are quite certain that we will not harm our environment.

Celebration of Life

What a beautiful and unique way to memorialize your special day!  Seeing hundreds of balloons fill the sky is nothing short of spectacular!

Releasing balloons at funerals and other poignant “farewells” is a simple way to say goodbye to someone special. A balloon release can help small children by visualizing the “departure” of a loved one through the vision of the balloons floating away.

There are many occasions to release balloons. Consider football games, weddings, pool parties, etc.  Any outside activity where large crowds gather. Minimize the cost and pass the “hat”! This way all of your guests can contribute to the cost of this fun activity that everyone will enjoy!

Consider surprise releases where balloons are hidden in nets and then released “en masse”. The effect is sure to “wow” your guests! Here’s a video example of this kind of release. Please note this is not my work. However, it is a very good representation of an environmentally safe “en masse” balloon release.

For a small additional fee, we can insert wildflower seeds. At the time the latex “explodes”, the seeds fall to the ground and will start germinating beautiful wildflowers!

We have a great respect for our environment. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that balloon releases must be totally biodegradable. We only release latex balloons without any strings. Strings or ribbons of any kind can be extremely harmful to wildlife; they can get hooked on tree branches and entrap birds.

Do you have an idea you’d like to “run by me”? I’d love to see how we can make it a special moment. Please call today and let’s take your amazing idea to the next level!


balloon release



$175 for 100 balloons, $1.25 for each additional balloon.

Balloons are 11” in diameter and in your choice of 2 colors  

10% additional charge for each additional color

Call for quotes for extra large quantities

Delivery extra


(865) 567-4086

For only a small number of balloons, call me and arrange to pick up a custom order