Plan the perfect kid’s party!

Our advice on how to plan the perfect kid’s party!

Poor Party Planning Could Ruin Everyone’s Day

We recently performed our magic show at a birthday party where the host/parent was not well prepared and things didn’t go as they should. Had she followed the advice in our Party Guide, things may have gone a little smoother!

party mahem

Examples of poor planning of a kid’s party:

  • Not knowing how many people are going to show up (casual invitations, no RSVP’s required)
  • Not planning times for greeting guests
  • Meal/food/drink/cake time unplanned
  • Family dog making off with magic props
  • No designated seating area for kids
  • Scheduling the entertainer too early or too late
  • Too many activities (pool, bounce house, game truck, etc.)
  • Payment for entertainer not prepared 🙁
  • Entertainer almost collapsing from heat stroke!

Plan the perfect kid’s party & make your party a success!

  • Do send out invitations and stress the importance of replying by a specific date. Knowing how many people to expect will help immensely with food, drinks and cake size. The day before the party, call the people who have not responded and politely ask if they received your invitation because this should prompt an immediate reply from them.
  • Establish a time frame for the entire party and make your guests aware of it. Usually, 2 hours is plenty of time for catching up, kids play, entertainment, food, drinks and possibly opening the gifts.
  • Schedule your entertainer at least 30 minutes into party time. This ensures that everyone has arrived.
  • Our entertainers will arrive approximately 15 minutes early for setup and to meet the immediate family. The show must start on time and will finish on time regardless if everyone has arrived or not because we may have another engagement following yours and can’t be delayed. Furthermore, we cannot “start over” when late guests arrive.
  • We don’t need a lot of space for our shows but children must sit on the floor. Adults should stick around and seat themselves behind the children and refrain from serving food or drink during the show.
  • If the party is in a private home, we will not use a PA system.  Please keep adult chatter to a whisper. We cannot speak over the conversations.


  • Keep the family dog in another room so we don’t have to chase our fun props!
  • Have your payment ready for the entertainer when she/he arrives.  It is very unpleasant for us to track you down among your guests when we’re ready to leave and could possibly make us late for our next engagement
  • Do limit the number of activities offered. If the children have access to too many things, it will be very hard to keep their attention on the magic show and their attitude could spoil the magical effect on the other kids.
  • Last but not least, be kind and provide your entertainer with a glass of iced water!

By following these simple guidelines, you will thrill your guests by throwing the perfect party!

plan the perfect kids party



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Little Peeps Closed at Foothills Mall

Little Peeps Closed – May 7th, 2019

It was with great sadness that Little Peeps closed the doors permanently.  Little peeps love visiting but there wasn’t enough foot traffic at Foothills Mall to generate the amount of business that we needed to at least break even.  Warmer weather and sunnier skies sent parents and their kiddos to local parks instead of the mall.

Along with my trusted staff of Serena & Riley, we gave it our best shot.  We were all broken hearted…

I believe there was a reason for this venture even if the outcome wasn’t successful.  Maybe someday the reason will be made known to me.  In the meantime, the show must go on!

Now that I no longer have this responsibility, I’m able to focus on the services offered by Knoxville Party Magic and especially Volunteer Balloons.

To all of the amazing Little Peeps that brought us so much joy, a great big heartfelt… 


Kids Party Venue Maryville

Kids Party Venue at the Foothills Mall!

Coming soon! Kids party venue in Maryville for ages “crawler” to 6 years old! What better location to establish such a business than right here at the foothills of the Smokeys where no such place exists!

We’re still in the basic planning stages but this kids party venue (name to be announced soon), knoxville party magicwill be the most unique place where parents can host parties for their very little ones in a safe, clean and perfectly suited location! There will be a tubular slide, rope swings, nerf games, crafting areas, maybe a treehouse and of course, a party area for good food and birthday cake!

Unique Gathering Places for Mom & Kiddos!

If that wasn’t enough, the venue will be opened daily for moms to gather for playdates all the while enjoying a delicious beverage of their choice, courtesy of the house!

We will be streaming mom-approved episodes from Nick Jr TV and will regularly host kiddies movie matinees for moms to relax while their little ones enjoy our fun play room! We are also planning on hosting magic shows, puppet shows, face painting and balloon twisting workshops!

Knoxville Party MagicOur focus will be on the littlest of clients by offering a variety of toys and games sanitized daily in a safe and open play environment with structures designed just for little peeps!

The party room will offer different booking options.  You can choose to decorate yourself from the ground up. Or, upgrade and have us create a festive and memorable party environment.  Best of all, we provide all of the clean-up! When the party is over, you just leave and we take care of it all!

Imagine hosting a party in August, inside in a beautiful, fun and COOL environment! No more sweaty outside parties so your guests don’t mess up your house – let them come & mess up our place! Book your summer party now!


Foothills Mall, Maryville – only 20 minutes south UT Medical Center

Foothills Mall

Another amazing feature is the location itself… Unit 24,  in the middle of the mall, facing Center Stage. You’ll easily spot us when we’re up and running. Full size glass window walls offer a complete view of the fun interior. Your kids will drag you there – hopefully not kicking and screaming! 

Parents accompanying their children will have the convenience of additional shopping on site. The Foothills Mall is conveniently located right off of Highway 129. The mall hosts many amazing shops along with a variety of places to eat and an AMC Movie Theatre! With plenty of parking and close to a variety of amenities, the Foothills is the central shopping area of Maryville.

Stay tuned as we will announce our grand opening for early June 2018.  If you have any questions or want to book a party now for a later date, please call me to make arrangements!

Christine Maentz, (865) 567-4086

Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

Tips on putting together a carefully planned amazing birthday party!

Knoxville Party Magic would like to help you put together a carefully planned amazing birthday party! Your child’s birthday is one of the most important times in their life. Throwing a fun party is a fantastic way to celebrate this special event! As parents, we feel compelled to provide the best we can for our kids, but at what cost?

A memorable birthday party can make a huge dent in your bank account if you’re not careful. The best way to do that is to start with a plan. Then carefully budget and track your expenses, projected expenses and stick to the plan!

Parties are so much fun and provide loads of wonderful memories for our little ones. However, there is a chance they will not even be aware of the huge amount of money you have spent to provide it!

The way I see it…

As a professional children’s entertainer, I see the entire gamut of parties. Some done with a minimal amount of funds to those where parents rent dance halls, DJ’s, Bounce Houses, mobile video game trailers, etc! However, a carefully planned amazing birthday party doesn’t need to break the bank or send you to the silly farm with anxiety attacks!carefully planned amazing birthday party

My advice to parents that book me is to realize that children will be engaging with me for 80% of the time. The other 20% is spent eating party food and receiving gifts. Keep this in mind when planning your party and considering decor and extras.

The fact of the matter is that kids remember the experience, the fun they had with their friends, laughing, playing and maybe pigging out on the cake they with the special design they expressly requested! Think of things that are most likely to stick in your child’s memory and spend your money on those things that matter.

A great way to save money is to make your own decorations with your child(ren)! Your kids will treasure the experience. The results of a carefully planned amazing birthday party will create lasting memories. So try not to make it a chore. This party may be some of the best memories you share with them in the future!

Knoxville Party Magic Continues to Offer Face Painting and Balloon Twisting!

face painting and balloon twisting returns


Face painting and balloon twisting returns to Knoxville Party Magic! 

Yes, face painting and balloon twisting returns Knoxville Party Magic due to popular demands and requests. Although available again, it is quite possible that a different professional artist will show up in our place. The artists that I will send are all highly qualified and possess years of experience.

As much as I would love to work at each party that requests me, because of the volume of business that is coming in for my other business (see post below), I’m not able to commit to neither face painting nor balloon twisting.

However, should there be last minute bookings requesting services that I offer and that I’m not scheduled for a balloon decor build, I will gladly come and perform at your event. 

It is with sadness in her heart that Ms. Tickle is leaving the world of children’s entertainment! It’s been a wonderful ride and she will forever cherish the encounters she’s had with Knoxville’s littlest people.

This is a decision that wasn’t easy for me to make but my new business, Volunteer Balloon Decor needs my undivided attention. Each party that books me requires a few hours of “behind the scenes” time that I can no longer afford to take away from Volunteer Balloons. Not to mention the sales and booking process, emails, phone calls, practice & rehearsing, maintaining this website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Beginning February 1st, 2016, Ms. Tickle will no longer be available for magic shows, face painting or balloon twisting for private parties.

I cannot do this personally but if I could, I would like to thank all the little ones that have made me smile over the years. I’m even grateful for the few that made me grit my teeth! With each party,I learned valuable life lessons that will certainly serve me in my personal life.

Follow my journey! Should you ever need balloon decor, whether it be for your birthday party, prom, wedding or corporate event, call me.  I would love to discuss the options you have!

Thank you, each and everyone!

Christine Maentz

aka Ms. Tickle

face painting and balloon twisting returns