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kids party packages

Knoxville Party Magic’s kid’s party entertainment prices – services using carefully selected professional artists – the perfect match for your party needs! Let us help you put together the perfect, stress-free party! Don’t settle for less… we provide only top-notch artists! Don’t risk hiring from the wrong company to save a few dollars. The art we create leaves lasting memories for all of your guests. Boast of hosting the best party when hiring Knoxville Party Magic!

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kids party packagesWe’ve made it easy for you with a complete list of services along with rates. Combine services for the perfect party with our kid’s party entertainment prices! Click on service to see complete details. Travel fees may be added depending on the destination. Please call for more information!

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Service NeededWeekdayWeekendCorporate or Public Events
Balloon twisting$100/1 hour$175/2 hours$100/hour
Face painting$125/1 hour$200/2 hours$125/hour
Caricature artist$150/1 hour$275/2 hours$150/hour
People-Eating Balloon$200$300$400
Magic Shows (kids)$250 – $350$350 – $450$475
Strolling Magician (kids)$150/hour$200/hour$250/hour
Strolling Magician (adults) Card tricks, mentalism, etc.$200/hour$250/hour$300/hour
Balloon Party Mayhem $325 – $475$325 – $475$500 +
Singing telegram with Puppet$125$150$175
Sing-Along (kid friendly)$250 & up $250 & up$250 & up 
Singer/entertainer (adult)$350 & up $350 & up $350 & up
Petting Farm$350 & up $350 & up $350 & up 


Custom Balloon Decor

Visit our sister company, Volunteer Balloon’s  and add pizzaz to any party with the use of spectacular balloon decor!

Bubble Machine!
Goody bags!

No time to decorate your venue? No problem! For an additional (and reasonable fee) we will be happy to take care of that for you so you can enjoy the party too! We’ll even clean up so you can go home and not worry about a mess left behind! How stress-free would that make your party?

kids party packages

Party planning assistance for all types of events:
Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc. We can handle every aspect of your event so you can have a stress-free party & enjoy your guests! Take advantage of combined pricing for our kid’s party packages!

Tell us about your party!

Prefer to use Paypal and take advantage of their credit services? No problem, just let us know and we will invoice you through Paypal. There you will have the option of using their credit services or differed payments.

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Balloon Twister for Parties for Kids of all ages!

Kids and adults love watching a professional balloon twister bring balloons to life!

All of our professional balloon twisters are able to magically create “life” from thin air! Watch as every twist & bend the artist makes develops into your request!

professional balloon twister

A professional balloon twister will keep your guests attentive, entertained and happy! Hiring us for your your party is sure to occupy the kids and the adults will enjoy it almost as much!  

Professional balloon twisters are also an asset to any event where you’re trying to draw a crowd. Grand openings and trade shows benefit from having us do our “magic” and attract potential clients.

Restaurants that offer discounted rates for family nights can offer unique table entertainment by having a twister bring smiles while waiting for their meals.

Finally, as an added twist to any party, we can provide balloon decor to match your party’s theme.

professional balloon twister


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Professional Face Painting in Knoxville for Kids of All Ages!

We treat each child’s’ face as a unique canvas with professional face painting. Each child’s face will become a colorful work of art. You won’t get a simple heart or star that some would shamelessly call face painting. On the contrary, you’ll get professional face painting on all the kids by a quick and efficient professional. All of your guests will have a beautiful design within the allotted time. Should your party have a special theme we are prepared to follow along with related artwork!

Face painting at your child’s birthday party is such a cool thing to do and it is guaranteed to make all your little guests happy! Whether they are girls or boys, everyone loves to have their faces painted! Kids face painting is fun and memorable.

Only top quality face paints and glitters for Knoxville Party Magic’s clients

All our paints are hypo-allergenic and designed exclusively for use on skin, unlike the cheap and toxic acrylic paints used by many amateurs.  Between jobs we always thoroughly clean and sanitize all of our products and tools used. Furthermore, all team members are protected by a $2M liability policy. We’re confident that our rates are competitive and we’re prepared to travel to your party anywhere!

professional face painting

Also available are awesome glitter tattoos – these little “jewels” can last anywhere from 3 to 6 days,  depending on where they are applied. These are perfect for pool parties! You can be sure your little ones will smile ear to ear after we’re done as face painting is always a winner!

We come with everything we need. Although we can work outside, we prefer to be inside – our products deteriorate quickly in the heat & sun!

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Amazing Magic Show for all ages!

Amazing Magic Show

Are you looking for an amazing magic show, full blown with all the bells & whistles? Now available from Knoxville Party Magic is a high-energy, interactive family experience that is guaranteed to capture the attention of kids and amaze adults alike!

Knoxville Party Magic is proud to announce that Mr. Tim is now an integral part of our team of professional entertainers! The amazing, magical Mr. Tim will take your family on an imaginary journey where the impossible becomes possible & memories are created for a lifetime! Truly, the most amazing magic show in Knoxville!

But who is the magical Mr. Tim?

Magic “found” Timothy Pressley (aka Mr. Tim) when he was a young boy. After his dad mysteriously transformed a stack of nickels into a stack of dimes—doubling his money—Tim was hooked! A family friend performed a magic show at Tim’s next birthday party and there was no turning back. From that day forward, Tim sought out every opportunity he could to see magic performed and learn how to do magic himself.

Mr. Tim’s first magic show was performed in his family’s living room for his mom, dad, and older brother. Once he built his confidence, he branched out and started doing magic for his friends at school and at church. As his passion for magic grew, so did his show and his audience. He began getting requests from family and friends to perform at birthday parties. Over ten years later, he now performs educational programs for school assemblies, libraries, daycares, preschools, churches, and other family events.

You may have seen Mr. Tim perform at community events, such as Knoxville’s Largest Kid’s Party on Market Square or at Knoxville’s Festival on the 4th of July at the World’s Fair Park. Mr. Tim loves performing at these larger events, yet birthday parties still hold a special place in his heart. It brings Magic Tim joy to make a child’s special day magical, like his birthday was all those years ago.

But wait, there’s more!

You’ll meet and fall in love with a mischievous hamster named Houdini! Every party guest participates in the show by shouting magic words, waving wands and assisting with the magic. Your child becomes the star of the show and saves the day by making Houdini magically appear!

Don’t wait! Mr. Tim is booking quickly – your child will be the envy of all of his/her friends when they come to your party! Check out your options – the Amazing Magic Show is one of three spectacular options available to you!


The Amazing Magic Show!

One hour entertainment

$250 +

The More Amazing Magic Show

1 1/2 hours entertainment



The Most Amazing Magic Show

2 hours entertainment


Birthday Child gets…

  • Celebrity Status
  • Magician’s Certificate
  • Clown Nose
  • Jumbo Magic Wand

Every Guest gets…

  • To participate in the show
  • A magic activity poster

$25 For each additional birthday child

Additional travel fee depending on destination

You Get…Everything from the Amazing Party Experience, PLUS…

  • Extra 30 min. of entertainment
  • Portable Theatre
  • Upbeat, kid-friendly party music

Birthday Child gets…

  • Houdini the Hamster Plush
  • Amazing Magic Show Coloring/Activity book

Every Guest gets…

  • Houdini meet and greet
  • Group photo op with Houdini and Mr.Tim

$25 For each additional birthday child

Additional travel fee depending on destination

You Get… Everything from both the Amazing and More Amazing Party Experiences, PLUS…

  • Balloons twisting for up to 15 kids.*

*There’s a $2.00 charge for each additional balloon creation.

$25 For each additional birthday child

Additional travel fee depending on destination



Call today to see how we can create a lifetime memory for your child!

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People-Eating Balloon

People-Eating Balloon – Amaze Your Guests!

Try the People Eating Balloon experience! Offered exclusively through Knoxville Party Magic. Conquer the giant balloon by climbing inside! A child (or adult), is safely & easily guided inside a huge, 6-foot + diameter clear balloon! Balloon is large enough for 2 adults & 4 or 5 kids!  Parent(s) can step inside also!

A safe, unique experience offered only by Knoxville Party Magic! See the astonished child (or family)  inside this gigantic, clear balloon. Guests awestruck by this amazing feat! Totally safe, a simple pin prick will release everyone inside.  Amazing photo opportunities! Let me repeat… AMAZING photo opportunities!

Not brave enough to give this a try? No worries! We can show you how it’s done! Your guests will roll over laughing while we conquer the latex beast!

Preparing for this Amazing and Spectacular Moment

Host The People Eating Balloon Experience inside or out.  If hosting inside make sure the ceiling is high enough. We don’t have to worry about destroying your valuables. We’ll bring a thick blanket to cover the floor, an electric leaf blower and an extra balloon in case we accidentally POP the balloon before anyone squeezes in!  All you have to do is provide a couple of adult volunteers. Make sure everyone removes their shoes and any other sharp or pointy accessories.

The people-eating balloon feat is not just for kids parties. Having a grand opening and want to draw a crowd? Trade show crowd gatherer? Well then, look no further!

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