The secret to successfully hiring children’s party entertainment

Generally speaking, the secret to successfully hiring children’s party entertainment is not all that complicated.  Realize that not all children’s entertainers are the same – just like all barbers are not the same.  Ask the right questions to receive answers pertaining to the entertainment you expect.  It is not complicated if you follow a few simple guidelines.

Prepare a checklist with important questions

First, decide on the type of party entertainment you will offer your guests.  Will there be magic shows, balloon twisting, face painting, etc? There are different kinds of entertainers to choose from.  Some specialize in adult audiences and have no experience with children.  Some excellent artists don’t do so well entertaining kids. An excellent magician advertising kid’s shows may not be a good entertainer. Decide what’s important for you! It’s important that you pick someone who has experience and knowledge entertaining children and keeping them amused and under control at all times.  It’s not important that they can perform Las Vegas style magic. Most importantly you need someone that loves what they do and that kids easily relate to.

Secondly, after determining what you will offer your guests, proceed with a Google search using keywords such as (your town) and “children’s party entertainers, party magic”, etc., and examine what that reveals. Follow with a quick check of that person’s website or Facebook page.  Consider a quick search on Youtube using the names of the various entertainers you have found.  Very often clients will post videos taken at their events of which the entertainer is not aware of.  Don’t hesitate to email and ask for references from previous clients before making a commitment.  

Third, ask the entertainer what he or she offers and what their show consists of.  Ask what the total length of the show will be.  Expect professional entertainers to offer different shows depending on the age of the children.

A conversation with your selected candidates should be like a job interview

You’re hiring! Go ahead and ask! Ask if there will be guest participation. Will there be a “special” moment for the birthday child or guest of honor? Is the show accompanied by music? If you speak to the entertainer directly, evaluate your conversation.  Did he/she sound confident? Energetic? Interested? Is this the voice/tone of someone you want entertaining your little guests? Did he/she sound professional? Go ahead and ask what kind of vehicle they drive. Is it a newer model? Is it identified with the company name and logo?

successfully hiring children's party entertainment

Lastly but not least important

Finally, if an entertainer’s rate is much lower than others researched, my advice is that you should continue to keep looking until you find the entertainer that feels right for you. After contacting several entertainers and getting quotes, you will have a good idea on pricing. Some entertainers are confident enough to offer a 100% satisfaction guaranty.  Ask for it if they don’t and get it in writing! We recommend you spend a little bit more to find someone who you will be proud to say that you hired.


As you can see, successfully hiring children’s party entertainment is not all that complicated if you know the right questions to ask! Finally and most importantly, if you’re searching in the Knoxville area, search no more – head to this link & fill in the form!  Expect a return phone call within 24 hours or less, guaranteed! If you’re anxious to put into action what you’ve learned above, pick up the phone and give me a call! I’d be happy to talk about your party & how I can make it easier on you!