Sisters of Mercy Annual Family Picnic

Saturday, June 14th I had the privilege of entertaining the children at the annual family picnic at the Sisters of Mercy convent. Needless to say, we all had a blast with face painting & balloons!

Most of these children are home schooled and receive their religious education from the Sisters of Mercy. To conclude the school year, the sisters host a yearly event where the whole family is invited to share food, fellowship & fun with entertainment by Ms Tickle!

Below are some of the happy faces that I painted.

Not all the faces that I painted are pictured below. This isn’t because I didn’t want to post the photos. I simply didn’t have the opportunity to get a photo of everyone! Although this yearly event is much anticipated, many families just drop in long enough to greet everyone and have a quick bite to eat. Besides that, sometimes they only stay long enough for the kids to get their faces painted and then head off to other activities for the day.

Face Painting Available at Your Annual Picnic

Everyone can afford my services! Face painting is one of the two most popular places you’ll see kids gather at any event.  The other place will be where the balloon twister is! Speaking of balloon twister, you can hire that service complementary to face painting.  Depending on the length of your event, I can perform both services or I can bring another professional artist with me. Make your annual picnic one to be remembered! Give me a call and I’ll make it happen!

Host An Annual Picnic Offering More Fun for Families!

Host the annual picnic everyone will want to attend! Kids running around with amazingly colorful faces adds a certain element to any event! Moreover, having kids and adults parading either a brightly colored balloon hat or with a balloon animal hanging on to them makes for fun times and creates amazing photo opportunities! Thus offering moments remembered for a long time! Call now! Don’t wait for my calendar to be totally booked for everyone else’s picnic!

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