A magic show that will create a lifetime memory for kids

The Ms.Tickle Mini Magic show for kids – guaranteed to provide the best party ever!

Kids love a fun magic show! Very often the parents who attend a child’s birthday party don’t know any of the other parents. Ms.Tickle draws EVERYONE into her show and makes the party much more comfortable for the parents. One of her clients told her that she’s like “party glue,” She brings everyone together!

My target audience are little one’s ages 3 1/2 to 6. Although less than 20 minutes long, here’s a sample of what you can expect from the colorful and silly Ms.Tickle…

  • Kids magic show and entertainment in the Knoxville areaHigh energy group participation
  • Balloon fun with an unsuspecting volunteer
  • Puppet interaction with Rosie the Bunny
  • Disappearing items
  • Sponge ball tricks
  • Magic coloring book
  • Mini Magicians
  • Appropriate music
  • And much more!

A mini magic show lasts from 15 – 20 minutes, depending on how many children are present.  If the birthday child is comfortable being the center of attention, he/she will be invited to assist Ms. Tickle. He/she will also receive a special gift along with an autographed magic wand!

Special Request by Ms. Tickle

My comedy is directed towards little ones under the age of 5. Because older children can get bored with this level of entertainment they can unwillingly spoil the fun for the littler ones! Although welcomed as spectators they will probably not be asked to participate.  The little ones will be totally mesmerized by Rosie the Bunny but the older kids will take great pleasure in letting everyone know that, “It’s only a puppet – it’s not a real rabbit!”, thus ruining the effect for the younger ones.

Needing only a small space for Ms.Tickle’s set-up, allows her to perform inside or outside weather permitting. Allow enough space for all the children to sit comfortably in front of her, preferably on the floor. Providing chairs will hinder the flow of the show. Ms. Tickle can also perform outside, however, bouncy houses and other activities will be a major distraction and could affect the outcome of the show.

Ms. Tickle strongly recommends that as a parent hosting one of her parties that you take a moment and review a few tips for planning a successful party.  Planning a party that includes entertainment is a big expense and here at Knoxville Party Magic, we want to be sure everything runs smoothly for everyone! 

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