Sisters of Mercy Annual Family Picnic

Sisters of Mercy Annual Family Picnic

Saturday, June 14th I had the privilege of entertaining the children at the annual family picnic at the Sisters of Mercy convent. Needless to say, we all had a blast with face painting & balloons!

Most of these children are home schooled and receive their religious education from the Sisters of Mercy. To conclude the school year, the sisters host a yearly event where the whole family is invited to share food, fellowship & fun with entertainment by Ms Tickle!

Below are some of the happy faces that I painted.

Not all the faces that I painted are pictured below. This isn’t because I didn’t want to post the photos. I simply didn’t have the opportunity to get a photo of everyone! Although this yearly event is much anticipated, many families just drop in long enough to greet everyone and have a quick bite to eat. Besides that, sometimes they only stay long enough for the kids to get their faces painted and then head off to other activities for the day.

Face Painting Available at Your Annual Picnic

Everyone can afford my services! Face painting is one of the two most popular places you’ll see kids gather at any event.  The other place will be where the balloon twister is! Speaking of balloon twister, you can hire that service complementary to face painting.  Depending on the length of your event, I can perform both services or I can bring another professional artist with me. Make your annual picnic one to be remembered! Give me a call and I’ll make it happen!

Host An Annual Picnic Offering More Fun for Families!

Host the annual picnic everyone will want to attend! Kids running around with amazingly colorful faces adds a certain element to any event! Moreover, having kids and adults parading either a brightly colored balloon hat or with a balloon animal hanging on to them makes for fun times and creates amazing photo opportunities! Thus offering moments remembered for a long time! Call now! Don’t wait for my calendar to be totally booked for everyone else’s picnic!

Trade Show Balloon Twisting at Chocolatefest!

Trade show balloon twisting by Ms Tickle

Ms Tickle is your go-to resource for trade show balloon twisting. 

If your company is looking for entertainment to draw attendees to your booth at your next trade show, look no further! Ms Tickle always draws a crowd with her trade show balloon twisting services. She’s so much fun and loves to interact with both kids and adults. She’ll travel anywhere to help you make your next event a huge success. Give her a call to talk about your ideas and for a personalized quote for her services.

trade show balloon twisting
Take a few minutes to watch Ms Tickle in action at Chocolatefest in Knoxville, where she had kids lining up to request one of her balloon creations. Ms Tickle always draws a crowd and can customize balloon designs for any theme.


Kids Magic – Ms Tickle Meets the Cub Scouts

Kids Magic at the Blue & Gold Banquet

The Cub Scouts of Pack 329 enjoyed a magical evening with Ms Tickle.

Ms Tickle performed kids magic for the Cub Scouts of Pack 329.

Ms Tickle with the Cub Scouts of Pack 329 and their families after the kids magic show.

This week Ms Tickle performed kids magic for the first time for Cub Scouts at their annual Blue and Gold Banquet. She and her husband received a warm welcome and were immediately made to feel like part of the “pack!” The special event was hosted at their regular meeting place, St. Mary’s Church in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Most Cub Scouts celebrate Scouting Anniversary Week in February (or end of January), with a “birthday party” called the Blue and Gold Banquet. In nearly all packs, this event is the highlight of the year. It brings families together for an evening of fun and cheer. It’s often the pack meeting for February (or January in this case).

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This special event has many purposes… celebrate the pack’s anniversary, thank pack leaders and other adults who have helped the pack, and inspire the leaders, Scouts, and parents. Packs often like to invite former members and other Scouting or community leaders to take part in their celebration.

The Banquet can be like a regular pack meeting, with songs, skits, stunts, and awards. Or it can be something different and a little more special. A pack may decide to bring in an entertainer such as a Ms Tickle!

Although booked only as a 30 minute show, Ms Tickle was having so much fun with the kids magic show that before you knew it, with all the music and crazy dancing, an hour had quickly gone by!

After packing the Big Pink Box of Magic, Ms Tickle was invited to judge the cake contest. Thankfully she wasn’t asked to taste them all, but simply to judge them on originality. Someone was clever and had baked a cute cake in the form of a black magician’s hat with white bunny ears sticking out! That was Ms Tickle’s favorite – but because the event was really in honor of the Cubs, she chose another which was decorated as a camping scene, complete with tents and campfire!

The evening brought fond memories to my photographer husband as he’d raised two Eagle Scouts many years ago and was then an active leader.

I hope to be invited again next year!

Full Service Kids Birthday Party in Knoxville

Throw a hassle-free kids birthday party in West Knoxville

Our complete kids birthday party package provides the facility, the entertainment and the goodie bags for all your guests.

Want to throw a great kids birthday party outside your home, but don’t want to spend big bucks at the “celebration center?” Knoxville Party Magic to the rescue!  We have a total party package solution for you!

kids birthday party in Knoxville

So much to do! So little time! Guests will be here any minute now!

Hosting a kids birthday party at home is quite a bit of work! Planning & preparation will take up so much of your valuable time.  Where will you host it? In your home or at one of the popular party venues? Who and how many kids/parents will you invite?  Is there enough room in the house to have all these people over?  Do I want all these people in my house?  Many guests will be total strangers, the parents of your kid’s classmates. Do you want all of these strange people in your house? Prepare for some awkward moments – not everyone is a social butterfly!

Then of course you want your house clean for your guests. You know someone will be looking for those pesky little dust bunnies so you better make sure all is spotless before the first guest rings your bell!  Speaking of clean, drinks, chips, party plates, decorations, birthday cake, crumbs on your clean floor, drink spilled on your carpet, a little kid with a runny nose wiping his face on your curtains… do I need to say more?

By the way, how do we amuse this group? Crafts? Games? Music? A movie?  Just two hours hosting a kid’s party can see like much more than that! All things considered, what do we do at a kid’s party?

Knoxville Party Magic will entertain with the newest program to hit the party circuit.  Welcome to the Total Tickle Party – the easiest and the best way to throw a party outside of your home!

Be prepared for 2 hours of total entertainment with dancing, group games, magic and balloons. Everyone will participate – older kids and adults!

Total Tickle Party includes:

  • A large, sunny, private party room
  • Tables and chairs
  • Access to restrooms
  • Plenty of parking space
  • 2 convenient locations to choose from:
    • Kingston Pike, just east of Walker Springs Road
    • Emory Road, right off Highway 75 (Powell)
  • Variety of age appropriate games for the entire group of kids
  • “Disco” dancing group activity
  • 35 minutes magic show with Ms Tickle including audience participation and birthday child “Mini Magician” act
  • Mini balloon workshop
  • Thank You cards mailed to each of your guests
  • Goody bag for each child

    Kids birthday party in Knoxville

    Mom can relax and take it easy!

All you need to provide is food, drinks and paper plates & necessities.  We ask that you keep it very simple – pizza, juice and birthday cake.  After all, this program is designed to keep it simple and hassle-free! The kids are not here to sample expensive exquisite dining… there here to celebrate the birthday child and to have FUN!

One low price $400.00 – you can’t beat that!

Please call me as soon as possible to determine if room is available the day you need it and from there we can work together and plan that memorable birthday party!