A Memorable Kids Birthday Party Should Include Loot Bags

Loot bags or not? That is the question!

A unique idea for a memorable party favor. Souvenirs such as party (loot) bags help to make a memorable kids birthday party and are a great idea, but they shouldn’t break the bank.

memorable kids birthday party knoxville

Creative souvenirs are not expensive.

The answer is definitely YES  to party bags (also referred to as Loot Bags). Many children have been conditioned to expect them and it acts as a “Thank you” for coming to the party. However, no need to fill them with cheap, junk type items to save money. Providing a “take-home” souvenir makes for a memorable kids birthday party shouldn’t break your budget.

A take home craft that they have made at the party can double up as a party favor.  Your children’s entertainer may also be able to twist balloons and offer those as “take-homes”.  Or you can simply contact a balloon twister to see if they’ll provide sculptures that you can pick up or have them deliver before the party.  You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive this can be and you’ll probably get creations that are much nicer than what they can provide on location.

Another great idea are balloon candy cups. Many balloon artists offer them (as I do), and they can cost as little as $5.00 a piece!

You could also plan your party decorations to end up as party give aways!  Helium balloons that serve as decorations during the party can be sent home with the guests when the party ends -saving you not only money, but also the hassle of getting rid of them later!

memorable kids birthday party Knoxville

A helium balloon is a very cool party favor.

Speaking of Helium, you can purchase your own Mylar balloons along with a tank of Helium from any local party store.  By planning wisely, you could save enough money to be able to provide one awesome balloon to each guest.  Imagine the boys leaving with their favorite super hero balloon – Batman, Raphael or Spiderman and the girls leaving with their current hero, Elsa or Anna!  You’ll be the mom remembered for giving out the coolest party “bags”! A little bit of creative thinking can save you some money and may  ultimately be quite unique.

I encourage you to use my budget tracker found at the bottom of my Magic Show page. It will help you keep tabs of where you are with your party expenses.

Remember that it’s all about creating memories and if I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to call me! When it comes to planning a memorable kids birthday party in the Knoxville area, my number is the only number you need. 865-567-4806.

Ms Tickle says, “Thank you”!

Thank you from Knoxville Party Magic!

We appreciate your business as we strive to become the leading Knoxville party entertainer for kids. 

Knoxville Party Magic, Knoxville's leading children's entertainer.Just a few more weeks and we will have reached the end of the year! My business year ends a little early as I always spend the last two weeks of December in Canada enjoying Christmas with my daughter and her family.

I’ve already started to email my clients to thank them for having hired me and to simply have a presence in their lives, however small it is.  Although I work hard at creating memorable moments, for various reasons clients can forget your name or loose your business card!

I also offer a repeat customer discount and a referral program. Any individual that’s hired me in the past, whether it be in 2014 or as far back as 2011, they get $25 off of any new service. Should a previous customer refer me to a new client, they can expect a $25 check in the mail after the booking is completed.

It’s so important to make your customers feel that their business is appreciated.  Don’t you hate it when you get a flyer in the mail for great discounts for new customers, yet you’ve been a client of that company for years and nothing is offered to reward you for your loyalty?

It’s been a good year for Knoxville Party Magic – Ms Tickle has been busy! I’m looking forward to an even busier 2015, making more kids laugh, creating fine memories and making sure parents aren’t stressing too much planning birthday parties!

See you next year!


Excellent Customer Service Is Magical

Excellent customer service is magical. Is it a thing of the past?

So many companies don’t seem to understand that taking care of customers is good business!

I read a great article this morning on Manta concerning how customers are treated in this day of automated services offered usually by large companies.  I invite you to check it out.
It’s not easy obtaining a level of customer service that we are truly entitled to.  Sure, you can say, “You get what you pay for”, but that doesn’t mean that as a customer you should be treated poorly.

Being a natural “people pleaser”, I always strive to make sure my customers gets above and beyond what they pay for.  It might be arriving at their event with a balloon sculpture designed to match the theme of the party or offering a balloon bouquet to thank the person for hiring me.

Sometimes it could be staying longer than the hired time and not charging.  I’ve also learned not to expect the customer to make any kind of recognition for the “above and beyond”. Why? Because most customers expect to be treated that way. And sadly, sometimes it’s just that people are just plain rude.  Thankfully that doesn’t happen often but it does.

chop houseI was recently the victim of a merchant services “glitch”.  Quite the glitch too.  Instead of being charged $55.76 my card was billed for $55,760.00! This was for a meal at our local Chop House on Chapman Highway in Knoxville.  Thankfully the managers jumped through hoops to get this rectified.

It took a week, only because of how complicated this situation was.  The error was between merchant services and the banking system used. What did they do to make sure I remained a happy customer?  They credited the cost of that meal AND sent me a $50 a month voucher for the next 12 months! You can bet I will let everyone know that the Chop House believes that excellent customer service is magical!

I hope to never make an error of this magnitude with one of my customers but this is certainly a lesson learned in how to keep customers happy and returning to your establishment!

Professional Face Painting in Knoxville for Kids of All Ages!

Professional Face Painting From Knoxville Party Magic

We treat each child’s’ face as a unique canvas with professional face painting. Each child’s facprofessional face painting in Knoxvillee will become a colorful work of art. You won’t get a simple heart or star that some would shamelessly call face painting. On the contrary, you’ll get professional face painting on all the kids by a quick and efficient professional. Consequently, all of your guests will have a beautiful design within the allotted time. Should your party have a special theme we are prepared to follow along with related artwork!

Face painting at your child’s birthday party is such a cool thing to do and it is guaranteed to make all your little guests happy! Whether they are girls or boys, everyone loves to have their faces painted! Kids face painting is fun and memorable. 

Only top quality face paints and glitters for Knoxville Party Magic’s clients

All our paints are hypo-allergenic and designed exclusively for use on skin, unlike the cheap and toxic acrylic paints used by many amateurs.  However, between jobs I always thoroughly clean and sanitize all of my products and tools I’ve used. Furthermore, I protect myself with a 1$M liability policy. I’m confident that our rates are competitive and I’ll travel to your party in the Greater Knoxville area.

I can also apply awesome glitter tattoos – these little “jewels” can last anywhere froprofessional face paintingm 3 to 6 days,  depending on where they are applied. These are perfect for pool parties! You can be sure your little ones will smile ear to ear after I’m done as face painting is always a winner!

Additionally, I can apply temporary tattoos. Very appealing to an older crowd such as teenagers and even adults!

I come with everything I need. Furthermore, I safely sit my little clients on a small stool in front of me. You don’t have to worry about them falling off of a high chair and I have them exactly where I need them, directly in front of me at the perfect level to work comfortably!


Waterproof Face Paints

Now offering totally waterproof face paints! Ideal for hot, muggy days and perfect for pool parties! No more messy, runny paints!

I hope you’ll consider hiring us for any of your special events like restaurant openings, fairs, bookstores, fundraisers, corporate parties, etc.  

Don’t hesitate to call as our calendars fill up quickly!

(865) 567-4086

Balloon twisting party with 100’s of balloons!


Balloon twisting party for kids!

Groups of kids have a blast during my balloon twisting party!


balloon twisting party for kids

balloon twisting party for kids

Now that I have your attention,
wouldn’t you like to create this environment of absolute balloon mania with a crazy balloon twisting party?

Now available in the Knoxville area, Ms. Tickle’s balloon twisting party! Here’s what to expect with one of these hilariously captivating hands-on workshops:

  • Approx. 75 minutes of unique entertainment never before seen in this area – kids will learn easy techniques and will immediately make their own creations!
  • Ideal for groups of 25 kids or more – when I say more, I mean more – how about a school auditorium with 100 kids? No problem!
  • Ms. Tickle will take full control of all the kids for about 60 minutes – believe me, with all the balloons she’ll have with her, she’ll have all the attention!
  • Balloons will arrive pre-inflated  – 15 per child… 20 kids = 300 balloons… can you even imagine that?
  • Kids will learn to make 3 different designs and workshop will finish with balloon hat chaos! Just look at the pictures above – any more words needed?
  • And music! Can’t forget music! The last 30 minutes the kids make their crazy hats to the beat of current, fun music!
  • Each child will bring home all of their creations which will last several days, maybe weeks depending on room temperature!
  • Impressive photo opportunities guaranteed!
  • A great activity that will have everyone kids and adults, laughing and having a great time!
  • Toddlers will squeal with joy watching everyone make crazy, colorful balloon creations!

Learning to love balloon art in a fun way!

Not only is this balloon twisting party loads of fun but learning to twist balloons will empower children with the knowledge of “I can do this”!  Who knows, your child may develop a love for balloons and can pursue this fun hobby/career and earn extra cash during the summer!

A balloon twisting party is suitable for a private birthday party, a school assembly production, a summer camp activity, leadership recognition, daycare program, etc.!  I can even cater this workshop to a group of adults – an event everyone will remember and talk about!


75 minutes of balloon fun & madness!

Available workshops:

10 to 15 kids: $325*

16 to 20 kids: $375*

21 to 30 kids: $425*

31 to 40 kids: $475*

Please call for pricing for groups of 41 or more!

(865) 567-4086

* includes travel within 20 minutes of the University of Tennessee Medical Center

Please call for travel charge for distances exceeding the above