Party Art

Party Art – We put the ART in pARTy with our mobile painting parties!

Party Art

Something new and exciting for kids of all ages!

Planning your little one’s party? Bored with bouncy houses, worn-out clowns, and entertainers wishing they were elsewhere? A PARTART mobile painting party is exactly what you’re looking for to make your child feel special and his/her friends feel privileged! We quickly transform your location into a professional art studio! Perfect for kids of all ages! Adults too can participate! Best of all, no experience or artistic talent needed! Our artists are qualified to instruct wannabe artists of all ages!

PARTART mobile painting party is absolutely the best birthday party solution! To top it off, each child leaves with a very impressive piece of memorabilia. Good-bye boring loot bag! Adios goody bag filled with items quickly forgotten! Each guest takes home a 11 x 14 painting that’s ready to be hung and admired by all!

Ideal for all kinds of events. A PARTy ART mobile painting party is suitable for pool parties, after school activities, team building, etc. Wherever a crowd of kids gather, consider inviting our artist and she’ll turn your small group into the next generation of amazing artists!

Only the highest quality of paints is used all of the while remaining affordable. Our choice of  acrylic paint is designed to provide the little artists complete freedom of creativity.  We believe that there’s an artist hiding in every child and our goal is to bring that artist out into the open! Our greatest pleasure is to see the look on children’s faces when they turn a blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece!

PARTy ART Mobile Painting PARTy Highlights:

  • Great for every age – young children, teens, and tweens alike.
  • The only kind of party that will create memories that will last your child’s lifetime!
  • Bring out the inner artists in the comfort of your own home!
  • Perfect for kids of all ages, of all levels of artistry.
  • Discovering little Picassos, one child at a time!

Ready to book?

Organizing a PARTART mobile painting party is easy… First, enjoy our gallery (coming soon!), which offers many choices.  Choosing just one for your group is probably going to be the hardest thing to do! We encourage you to have the birthday child choose the painting that the guests will replicate. Once you have found the ideal painting, give us a call and let’s schedule your child’s unique party!

Our amazing artist will arrive with everything that’s needed – including disposable aprons for everyone and plastic tablecloths to cover your furniture and your floors. Easels, brushes and bright acrylic paint – enough for everyone!

Once everyone is set up, our artist guides the group step by step, stroke by stroke, leading to a unique masterpiece!  Working together and seeing how their friends progress will help build each child’s self-esteem. And the kids will have so much fun comparing each other’s work of art! Finally, each guest brings home their creation! How surprised will the parents be! You as a host will be the most popular person in the neighborhood!

And now important details!

PARTART mobile painting party artist will come to your home, favorite restaurant (with the approval of management), or wherever you’re hosting your child’s party. Plastic tablecloths will be provided to cover the surfaces the artists work on.  Consider about 90 minutes from start to finish and rest assured, we’ll leave everything as clean as it was when we arrived. Please arrange for each child to have a place to sit with room to set a small table easel before them.

You may serve beverages but we don’t recommend serving food until the masterpieces are completed!


Cost is $300 for a group of 10, $25 each additional child up to 10 more.  Call for custom pricing for groups exceeding 21 guests. Tips ALWAYS appreciated, never expected!

Should you decide to have an “intermission” for food or cake, please be considerate of our artist’s time. Consult with her as she may be booked for another party following yours and needs to leave promptly to arrive in time to the next PARTART mobile painting party!

Almost ready to book but have more questions? Just call or email and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!

Shamelessly plugging Volunteer Balloon Decor
your one stop shop for all of your fun, balloon decorations!

Balloon Belly Experience


Climb Inside Balloon – Amaze Your Guests!

climb inside balloonTry the Balloon Belly Experience! Offered exclusively through Knoxville Party Magic. Conquer the giant Climb Inside Balloon! A child (or adult), is safely & easily guided inside a huge, 6-foot + diameter clear balloon! Balloon is large enough for 2 adults & 4 or 5 kids!  Parent(s) are invited to step inside also! A safe, unique experience offered only by Knoxville Party Magic! Guests will be able to see the astonished child (or family)  inside the “belly” of this gigantic, clear balloon and the child will see guests awestruck by this amazing feat! Totally safe (a simple pin prick will release everyone inside), unless allergic to latex.  Amazing photo opportunities!

Add-on to any party package: $100

Balloon belly experience as stand alone: $150*



The Giant Climb In Balloon Belly Experience can be hosted inside or out.  If hosting inside make sure the ceiling is high enough and there’s enough clearance so we don’t have to worry about destroying fine china or your priceless Ming Vase. We’ll bring everything we need – a thick blanket to cover the floor, an electric leaf blower (you provide the power!), and an extra balloon in case we accidentally POP the balloon before anyone climbs in!  All you have to do is provide a couple of adult volunteers and make sure everyone removes their shoes and any other sharp or pointy accessories.

climb inside balloon




Ms. Tickle recently performed this death defying (of course not but that sure got your attention!),  at Knoxville’s Largest Kid’s Party in front of a millions of stunned attendees of all ages!  Okay, maybe not millions but LOTS!  Actually, her amazing assistant Elisha is the one that took the risk!… along with a few brave little volunteers! See for yourself in the fun video!




Make your event even more spectacular! Consider amazing balloon decor to spruce up your venue!

*Additional travel charges $25 up to 15 minutes from UT Medical Center.

Each additional 10 minutes $15.00

Knoxville Party Magic Continues to Offer Face Painting and Balloon Twisting!

face painting and balloon twisting returns


Face painting and balloon twisting returns to Knoxville Party Magic! 

Yes, face painting and balloon twisting returns Knoxville Party Magic due to popular demands and requests. Although available again, it is quite possible that a different professional artist will show up in our place. The artists that I will send are all highly qualified and possess years of experience.

As much as I would love to work at each party that requests me, because of the volume of business that is coming in for my other business (see post below), I’m not able to commit to neither face painting nor balloon twisting.

However, should there be last minute bookings requesting services that I offer and that I’m not scheduled for a balloon decor build, I will gladly come and perform at your event. 

It is with sadness in her heart that Ms. Tickle is leaving the world of children’s entertainment! It’s been a wonderful ride and she will forever cherish the encounters she’s had with Knoxville’s littlest people.

This is a decision that wasn’t easy for me to make but my new business, Volunteer Balloon Decor needs my undivided attention. Each party that books me requires a few hours of “behind the scenes” time that I can no longer afford to take away from Volunteer Balloons. Not to mention the sales and booking process, emails, phone calls, practice & rehearsing, maintaining this website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Beginning February 1st, 2016, Ms. Tickle will no longer be available for magic shows, face painting or balloon twisting for private parties.

I cannot do this personally but if I could, I would like to thank all the little ones that have made me smile over the years. I’m even grateful for the few that made me grit my teeth! With each party,I learned valuable life lessons that will certainly serve me in my personal life.

Follow my journey! Should you ever need balloon decor, whether it be for your birthday party, prom, wedding or corporate event, call me.  I would love to discuss the options you have!

Thank you, each and everyone!

Christine Maentz

aka Ms. Tickle

face painting and balloon twisting returns

Knoxville Party Magic – How fees are determined

Establishing appropriate fees

Ever wonder how coffee shops go about establishing appropriate fees? I recently stopped for coffee at a bagel place and noticed on the counter that they were selling Rice Crispy Marshmallow Treats. One little block about 2 inches square was $2.79. Regardless of the cost, I’m sure they sell plenty and no one bats an eye on the price. Will customers understand the costs involved in producing that little chunk of sweetness? Maybe not and I doubt they’ll question the clerk on why it’s priced higher than the box of cereal itself! 

establishing appropriate fees

Children’s Entertainer Fees

It’s very different when clients are considering hiring entertainment for their children. When quoting my services to potential clients they are always taken aback by my fees. As a professional balloon twister/face painter/kids magician/entertainer, I often have to justify my rates… something the clerk at the coffee shop is never asked to do. Neither is the caterer, the venue manager, the photographer, etc. But for some reason, kid’s entertainers do.

Is Knoxville Party Magic Charging Too Much?

Generally, most people think that I charge way too much for what I do. This reaction isn’t limited to the mom who wants to throw her child a party… I get the same reaction from corporations looking for entertainment during their company events. I’ve often been told, “Come on now, you take a couple of $0.05 balloons and within a few minutes produce a cute little balloon animal and you want $X.XX an hour for this? Are you kidding me?”. 

Charging the right amount is nothing to laugh at!

No, I’m not kidding. Whether I’m twisting balloons, painting faces, performing as Ms. Tickle or putting up spectacular balloon decor, this is my business – not a hobby. I pay my bills with this income… I’m blessed that I can earn a living doing something that I absolutely love! However,  just because I love what I do doesn’t mean I should do it for free. I’m going to simply explain how I go about establishing appropriate fees. 

So, when the time comes and you find yourself considering hiring me (or any other entertainer), to perform for an hour or so at your event, think about this:

Items or areas considered when establishing costs to clients

Before the show:

I will spend a minimum of an hour preparing for this event to make it perfect for you and your guests. Twice as much time if you’re hiring Ms. Tickle for a magic show.

Behind the scenes:

Exchanging emails to negotiate, finalize and confirm your gig. Sometimes I have threads of 15 or more emails… there’s a lot of time involved in correspondence.


I carry over $1M in liability insurance – hopefully, I will never need to use it but for your peace of mind, I still have to have it and I have to pay for it.


I’ve had background checks done and I participate in an ongoing program to maintain certification on child-safe issues. If you’re going to let a stranger in your home, don’t you want it to be someone you can trust and obtain referrals for? I have an established business and can easily provide referrals.


Once we have an agreement, rest assured that I will show up and perform. If for some unforeseeable reason I wouldn’t be able to show up, I will find a replacement for me. My reputation is on the line and I will do everything I can to maintain it at the highest level.

Business expenses:

My office and studio located in our home occupy almost all of the basement. Furthermore, in addition to regular overhead costs, I have a vehicle used almost exclusively for my business, which clearly identifies my business.


A large chunk of my income goes towards ongoing education so I can continue to improve my skills, learn current trends and be better at what I do.


Keeping a respectable inventory of products doesn’t come cheap. Sure a bag of balloons is less than $10 but I can’t operate my business on one bag of balloons and professional grade, FDA approved face paint doesn’t come from Walmart.


Knoxville Party Magic is a legitimate business and I pay taxes – including collecting and remitting sales tax when applicable.


Not to toot my horn but kids love me! Isn’t that important to you as a parent? It’s proven that folks do business with people they know, like and trust! Should I have the opportunity to discuss your event with you, you’ll quickly find me easy to work with and will have no doubts as to whether you’re hiring the right person. And if I’m not the right fit, I’ll be happy to recommend someone that would be!

I could easily go on but I don’t want this post to appear as a rant because it isn’t. I simply want to educate folks on how Knoxville Party Magic operates. Should I be fortunate enough to be hired for your next event, know that you are getting your money’s worth and more!

So, the next time you walk into that coffee shop and spot that little chunk of Rice Crispy Marshmallow Treat, remember why it costs more than a box of cereal!

A Memorable Kids Birthday Party Should Include Loot Bags

Loot bags or not? That is the question!

A unique idea for a memorable party favor. Souvenirs such as party (loot) bags help to make a memorable kids birthday party and are a great idea, but they shouldn’t break the bank.

memorable kids birthday party knoxville

Creative souvenirs are not expensive.

The answer is definitely YES  to party bags (also referred to as Loot Bags). Many children have been conditioned to expect them and it acts as a “Thank you” for coming to the party. However, no need to fill them with cheap, junk type items to save money. Providing a “take-home” souvenir makes for a memorable kids birthday party shouldn’t break your budget.

A take home craft that they have made at the party can double up as a party favor.  Your children’s entertainer may also be able to twist balloons and offer those as “take-homes”.  Or you can simply contact a balloon twister to see if they’ll provide sculptures that you can pick up or have them deliver before the party.  You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive this can be and you’ll probably get creations that are much nicer than what they can provide on location.

Another great idea are balloon candy cups. Many balloon artists offer them (as I do), and they can cost as little as $5.00 a piece!

You could also plan your party decorations to end up as party give aways!  Helium balloons that serve as decorations during the party can be sent home with the guests when the party ends -saving you not only money, but also the hassle of getting rid of them later!

memorable kids birthday party Knoxville

A helium balloon is a very cool party favor.

Speaking of Helium, you can purchase your own Mylar balloons along with a tank of Helium from any local party store.  By planning wisely, you could save enough money to be able to provide one awesome balloon to each guest.  Imagine the boys leaving with their favorite super hero balloon – Batman, Raphael or Spiderman and the girls leaving with their current hero, Elsa or Anna!  You’ll be the mom remembered for giving out the coolest party “bags”! A little bit of creative thinking can save you some money and may  ultimately be quite unique.

I encourage you to use my budget tracker found at the bottom of my Magic Show page. It will help you keep tabs of where you are with your party expenses.

Remember that it’s all about creating memories and if I can help you in any way, please do not hesitate to call me! When it comes to planning a memorable kids birthday party in the Knoxville area, my number is the only number you need. 865-567-4806.